How & why is the service free? Do you show ads to my customers? was made because our parent company is a Digital Marketing agency that had a need for a simple-to-use platform that we could quickly train our clients to use so that they could start getting reviews more effectively. We didn’t like the idea of telling our clients, “Hey, we want you to get more reviews, so go ahead and purchase this $50/month software that you will only use for this very specific thing a few times per month.” so we decided to just build it ourselves. It is free because we believe every small business – or any size business for that matter – deserves the opportunity to have happy (and unhappy) customers share their experience without going through the hassle that review-gathering normally is. We cover our hosting and maintenance costs by offering completely optional white-glove setup services for those who don’t want to set it up themselves, and by promoting our parent company in unobtrusive ways in the best interest of our users.

Visitors to your business page will not see any advertising aside from a very small credit to at the bottom of the page.

We also ocassionally send out newsletters to promote services and products that we truly believe in and may receive a commission for. With these efforts, we are able to offer completely free of charge to all users and will continue to provide support and access to our platform for the foreseeable future.

Updated on March 30, 2021
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